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Laundry Room

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Easy Install Magnetic Window Blinds - 28862
Sale $0.00 $14.99 - $19.99 $14.99 - $19.99
Hanger Storage Bag with Handles - 45117
Sale $0.00 $9.99 $9.99
Colorful Washday Laundry Novelty Mat - 37194
Sale $0.00 $17.99 $17.99
Lavender Scented Jumbo Storage Bag - 20622
Sale $8.99 $9.99 $9.99
Laundry Room Braided Rug Runner - 94933
Sale $0.00 $17.99 $17.99
Semi Sheer Peaceful Bird Curtain - 47371
Sale $8.97 - $11.97 $12.99 - $14.99 $12.99 - $14.99
Loads of Fun Laundry Room Floor Mat - 31612
Sale $16.99 $17.99 $17.99

The laundry room is where your clothes go to be cleaned, so it only makes sense that the room itself should be tidy and organized as well. Our laundry room décor collection has everything you need to complement a washer and dryer so your space will be bright, neat and inviting. From practical décor items such as laundry room curtains to our whimsical laundry room rugs, we have exactly the right items at an affordable price.

Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

You’ll look forward to the next load of clean clothes even more when you have the right themed laundry room decorations. Cute laundry room rugs are a popular way of protecting the floor while giving the space a warm feeling. We offer braided runners, lively floor mats and other novelty rugs for the laundry room. If your space has a window, you can outfit with special laundry room curtains or plantation blinds to decide when to let the light in. Laundry room valances are another fun decoration that come in country and springtime themes such for a fresh feeling.

Doing Laundry Should Be Easy

Collections Etc. has many items that might not have a decorative theme, but will mean less hassle and fewer messes when doing the laundry. Our clothing racks, garment bags and laundry baskets are perfect for keeping garments tidy. Organize your cleaning supplies as well with rolling detergent carts, clothespin bags and laundry bag holders. In addition to modern items such as under-counter lights, vent cleaning tools and electric lint removers, we also provide vintage laundry supplies for a down-home feel that still gets the job done.

Instead of lugging your clothes to a laundromat or a dry-cleaning service, create your own inviting space without leaving the house. Our laundry room accessories range from the ordinary to the unusual, but what they all have in common is that they make doing the laundry more enjoyable and productive. We always have new products coming in, so be sure to check back and see the latest decor.