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Just as Winston Brands Incorporated strives to provide the best customer service possible to our customers, we also strive to provide that same level of service to our community. Winston Brands Incorporated is grateful for all of our customers, and is proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community by sponsoring various organizations that help you and our world.

Please Recycle™

Recycle Please

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The Direct Marketing Association's "Recycle Please" campaign is an industry-wide public education campaign that encourages you to recycle catalogs and direct mail pieces when you are finished reading them.

As a general rule of thumb, following is a list of paper products that are recyclable in most communities:

Catalogs and magazines
Mixed papers (direct mail, envelopes, unsorted household and office mail)
Computer paper and higher grade (office) paper
Corrugated paper (boxes)

Facts About
Recycling Paper
Over 36% of the fiber used to make new paper products in the U.S. comes from recycled sources.

In 2006, Americans recycled and recovered 53.5 million tons of the paper, averaging 360 pounds per person, according to the American Forest & Products Association (AF & PA).