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Microwave Accessories

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Reheatza Microwave Crisper Pan - 43221
Sale $19.97 $39.99 $39.99
Microwaves are one of life’s greatest time-savers, but they can be somewhat inconsistent depending on what they’re cooking and how they’re cooking. Collections Etc. offers a treasure trove of innovative microwave accessories that help you get perfectly microwaved food every single time. This selection also includes special microwave cookers that let you make specific dishes in a flash without the need to preheat.

Looking to improve the flavor, texture and consistency of your microwaved dishes? Find a long-lasting microwavable cookware set or microwavable pan in this variety that helps prevent common microwave-related hiccups. Prevent the dreaded soup splatter with microwavable soup bowls with lids or reheat leftovers and more without sogginess with a simple-to-use microwave crisper. If you rely on this countertop cooker for many meals, these products are definite must-haves.